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Come and discover the joy of being in touch with yourself on all levels; body, mind and spirit. We offer a variety of workshops, conferences, retreats, and professional trainings in hatha yoga, meditation, wellness, philosophy of life, and personal growth.

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Mahabharata Retold - Three Parts

With Manuraj Speece
Three Saturdays, July 14, August 4, Sept 22 / 10:00 AM-12:00PM

The longest poem/story ever written, the great epic of mankind. “What is written here can be found elsewhere, what is not written here cannot be found anywhere”. Our story will unfold over 3 consecutive seminars. Enduring questions will be answered such as; what is the great vow? What is the greatest wonder in the world? What is the pond that asks questions and kills for the wrong answer? Why did a woman blind herself? Why did the only person on earth who could not tell a lie, tell one? Why and how did a woman become a man to slay the only man who could not be killed? It is said that “If you listen closely you will become a different person.” All this and more awaits you in a relaxed, casual atmosphere told by an actual, more or less direct descendant of Vyasa.

Participants are encouraged to bring their sense of humor, their sense of wonder, imagination, along with favorite snacks and beverages. An epic story deserves epic fun foods!

Cost: Each seminar $25, $60 for all 3 seminars

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Guru Purnima

The Commemoration of the Himalayan Tradition
Friday Evening, July 27, 6:00-8:30 PM.

This day we celebrate the presence in our lives of the Himalayan Sages. We honor them for bringing the wisdom that reminds us who we are. These men and women guide us to the realization of the pure teacher within. All students of the Himalayan Tradition are invited to attend a pot-luck picnic followed by a service and meditation.


All donations are gratefully accepted.


Yoga: A Practical Approach

with Yogi Raj Prem Prakash

Friday Aug 10, Saturday Aug 11, Sunday Aug 12

Yoga is a reliable science and a passionate art. To enjoy the many benefits of yoga, each individual will find their own practice which works on an a personal basis. This workshop will be primarily a practicum. Participants will be introduced to skills sets which will enable them to develop a practice based on pranayama (breath & energy work), asanas (physical postures), and meditation.

All events will be held at IHT.

Friday, August 10, 7:00-8:30 pm - An Introduction to the Art & Science of Yoga

Saturday, August 11, 10:30-11:30 am - Developing a Personal Practice

Sunday, August 12 10:00 am -11:15 pm - Asana class

Cost: Donations are gratefully accepted. Yogi Raj Prem Prakash has donated time once again to IHT. Thank you!

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Brain Balance with Yoga

With Dr. Dan Stasiak, DC
Saturday, Aug 25 10:00 AM-12:00PM

Learn more about how you can monitor and improve your health with Yoga. Dr. Dan Stasiak DC will present easy evaluations you can on your own to observe your health. You will then learn how yoga can improve your health with hands on activities and practices. When you leave, you will surely have more tools in your tool box to improve your quality of health!

Cost: $30, $25 with pre-registration

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Mapping Medieval Mysticism: Dogen, Rumi, and Teresa of Avila

With Martin Warren
Saturday, October 27 10:00 AM-12:00PM

Mystics matter.  Pioneers who explore the frontiers and limits of being human, mystics rarely abandon words.  They are a talkative lot, thank goodness!  A very gifted group of talkers who have charted the knots, mazes and dangers within the human heart, mystics expose the human knack for self-deception. As apprentices of the mystical way, we will explore the thoughts of three medieval mystics, (a Zen Buddhist, a Sufi, and a Christian) who have left us their maps to guide us on our own way.


Cost: $30, $25 with pre-registration

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