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The Art of Fulfilling Your Nature

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A new collection of the work of Justin O'Brien, PhD (Swami Jaidev)

Spanning several decades and ranging from the intellectual to the playful, this new anthology of Swami Jaidev's work features articles, talks, poetry, and Q&A. Journey with him as he explores the life of Thomas Aquinas, contemplates ancient Greek philosophy, reflects on the Tao Te Ching, and demystifies the master-disciple tradition. 

Learn how to meet adversity head-on, navigate the modern world, know yourself, deepen your spiritual practices, and become the architect of your own life. 

In the words of Linda Johnsen, “Dr. O'Brien's latest book, The Art of Fulfilling Your Nature, invites us to explore our inner world, explaining how to translate these spiritual adventures into an active, fulfilling and illumined life.”

How to get the book

Three different formats will be offered: limited-edition hardcover, print-on-demand (POD) paperback, and eBook. All formats will be available on or after November 13th, 2022. The limited-edition hardcover is only available in the United States. 

Limited-edition hardcover 

Limited-edition hardcover 306-page book with dust jacket and gold foil stamping. 

To purchase, send your mailing address and a check for $44.00 (tax and shipping included) made out to IHT to:



1041 Grand Ave #356 

Saint Paul, MN 55105

We cannot ship to addresses outside the United States. For outside the U.S., please purchase the print-on-demand version.  

Print-on-demand trade paperback

Order online at Barnes & NobleBetter World Books, or Amazon, (international shipping provided via these sellers). Or consider checking with your local bookstore to place a special order.  

Retail price set at $18.00, but may vary by seller. 


Download this edition of Swami Jaidev’s book through Barnes & Noble

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